When Stay Sublime opened its doors in January 2019, we thought we already knew every possible destination for an Airstream getaway. As the days and weeks passed, we were pleasantly surprised at the number of new Airstream destinations we continued to discover.


The metro Atlanta area boasts an ever-growing multitude of Airstream getaway destinations — with over 300 metro Atlanta locales from which to choose, one could choose a new destination every day and still not see them all in a year. 


For easy reference, below is the Stay Sublime short list of recommended destinations — and a quick start guide to choosing your “View” — your ideal Stay Sublime Destination.


State Park campground or Privately-owned campground



Private Lands 

(i.e., private-property you own or rent on sites like Hipcamp.com 



Public Lands 

Federal Bureau of Land Management





Where to Stay Sublime