No longer were our sprouting gray hairs a reason to lament but rather inspiration to embrace in the next great phase of life.


Stay Sublime was borne out of a love for camping and a love for all things design-related. in late 2018, early 2019 we decided to launch a luxury Airstream rental service.


The motivation came in the form of a layoff or three to be precise. If you have ever been laid off, or know someone who has, you will know that well-intentioned folks come out of the woodwork to tell you a lay-off was “the best thing” that could have ever happened. After the third push out of the corporate nest — we finally agreed and took the leap. Now we look forward in anticipation to the road ahead. 


As design instructors and former creative industry professionals, there is a little known industry secret about designers, art directors and the like — in most cases the super-hip persona masks a deep compulsion to people-please. There’s nothing most of us creatives like better than to introduce a new concept that results in a happy audience. But in the industry, there is often a disconnect between the creative team and the audience — not so with Stay Sublime. We’ve crafted a design-centric experience that is ultra hands-on. With each face-to-face client meeting, we embark on a new adventure that provides both immediate, AND measurable results. So while type kerning and file prep was the grunt work of old, nowadays dumping the black tank signals another happy customer and the end of another great day at the office.  


Despite our training, Stay Sublime finds it easy to resist the urge to sell you something you don’t need — because we do think you need this experience. We all do. We all need to get outside, slow down, get away from the every day and to indulge every once in a while. Note: we will, however, resist the urge to roll out a bunch of stats to prove it because stats will never override the desires of the heart.


So if it helps you feel better about indulging, we can all pretend it is a client meeting — only this pitch won’t happen in a conference room, it won’t include tent poles — it will include packing a bag, showing up and allowing Stay Sublime pitch glamp for you.


At the end of the day's adventures, we suggest you grab one of the wooden-handled marshmallow skewers, gather around the glampfire and spend a few minutes analyzing the ROI. We suspect you'll be glad you did.